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Crazy Affordable WordPress Websites works with small businesses and independent people who need websites.

We hope some of these answers will help you decide if we are the right WordPress website developer for your website needs.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How long have you been building websites?

Crazy Affordable WordPress Websites is owned and operated by one (1) person, who has been building WordPress websites for 5 years.

When you hire Crazy Affordable you are hiring one person who will be working on your website from start to finish.

Do you provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We provide some SEO while we are building your website.

However, SEO is a specialized field of marketing in and of itself. When it’s done properly it is very time-consuming and not inexpensive. In order to be able to provide this service to our clients (and still be Crazy Affordable) we work with a trusted SEO vendor that can fully-optimize your website.

Their fees for SEO would be provided to you through us. So we continue to work with you and be your main point of contact for all you SEO needs.

What style of websites do you design?

We develop websites based on the type of company you have, your brand and colors, and based on what we talk about during our consultation and in the course of working together.

For example, we wouldn’t use busy, city scenes for a senior services website. Or bright red and orange colors with marker style fonts for a romantic wedding website (unless of course that’s what the bride wants!).

The designs are based on the type of company you have and what you would like to see.

We can build conservative websites, like a medical website, or websites that need to be creative and captivating, like a website for a rock band for example.

At Crazy Affordable WordPress Websites, we use the latest, most trusted WP theme and back-end builder that is used by thousands of web developers around the world. That means the website we build today, can continue to be built upon and revised in the future.

Either way, we can build beautiful, responsive WordPress websites that you will enjoy and will do its’ job for years to come.

Do you offer website hosting?

No. We don’t provide website hosting.

We use GoDaddy for our own WordPress Hosting service and it’s the company we recommend right now.

1.) We recommend them because they have served us well for more than 5 years. They offer 24/7 phone support and we already know how to use their system, which leads to less of a learning curve for us. Less of a learning curve for us, means we can offer “affordable” services to you.

2.) We make no money or commissions from recommending GoDaddy, it’s simply the website hosting company we use to host our own websites and its’ served us well.

3.) They are a large company, with a well-known brand and have been in the website business a long time. If there is ever a problem with your website, they are a phone call away (day or night) and generally fix the issue pretty quickly.

Do you work on websites hosted with another company?

Yes, we can certainly provide maintenance for WordPress websites that are hosted with companies other than GoDaddy. However, if we build a new website for you, at this time, we only create and develop WordPress websites that are hosted by GoDaddy.

Can you migrate our current site to GoDaddy?

Yes, we can.

However in our experience, sometimes it’s easier to simply rebuild your website from scratch. Not only can it be less time, less hassle and less money, but your website starts out clean with no technical residue and bugs that may be currently affecting your website.

Today, websites can actually be built faster from scratch than trying to migrate over old websites and making changes from there.

Whose hosting account do you work in? Mine or yours?

We work in your GoDaddy Managed WordPress account. You own the website and you pay GoDaddy directly for their services. Some of those services may include:

1.) The Domain Name

2.) The Hosting Package (Managed WordPress Hosting)

3.) SSL Certificates

4.) Email Addresses and more.

You provide us access to your GoDaddy account while we are working on your website. Once the website is finished, launched and you are happy, then we leave your account.

Or we can continue to have access to your account for maintenance and future additions. It’s entirely up to you.

Do you backup the website?

Yes, your website is backed up every night with GoDaddy. So if there is ever a power outage, or for some other reason, your website can be up and running very quickly.

We can also add additional cloud storage back-ups for your website upon request.

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